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Art Masters Legacy is a program that exposes the students to Art History and many different mediums. The program introduces 4 artists a year to the students, They learn about the genre, the artist’s style and see many pieces done by the artist, in a lecture by a presenter.  After they learn about the artist, Art Masters Parent-Teacher volunteers travel to the classrooms to create a masterpiece inspired by the artist.

Students will use oil pastels, plastic crayons, water-soluble colored pencils, graphite sketching pencils, and many more mediums this year.

The in-class lessons are taught by our Falcon Academy parents and volunteers.  We are fortunate to have such dedicated families who get involved with this program 

Our Art Master Lessons for the 2021-2022 School Year are currently TBD.


We need your help!

To support this program, it takes a lot of prep work to set up and distribute all the art materials used for this year-long program.  If you support art in schools, please consider volunteering to teach in the classroom.  No experience needed! 

Note:   For any questions, please feel free to contact the Art Masters Coordinator, Renee Botelho

at [email protected] on how you can help!