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Welcome 6th Graders and Families! 
I cannot wait to start the year with YOU!  Take a look at the suggested supplies you will need for the year, and I will see you ALL on the first day of school; AUGUST 27, 2018!
Please click the following link... this will take you to our classroom website!
See you all soon!
Mrs. Kolodge 
6th Grade Supply List

*HEADPHONES (labeled with name)

Band-aids (1 box)


Glue Sticks (3 Large)

Highlighters (green, pink and yellow)

Index Cards (2 packs) 3x5 white

Notebook Paper 3 ring

Notebook, (5) Spiral bound, 100 pages

Paper (ream of white copy)

Pencil Box and Pencils #2

Colored pencils/markers & crayons

Pocket Folders (6) 3-holed

Post-it notes any size

Ruler (metric/standard)


Tissue (3 boxes)

Zip-loc Bags

Hand Sanitizer

Pencil Sharpener (hand-held)

Clorox Wipes